Waikiki Coffee Brands

The brand concept of Waikiki Coffee is “Hawaiian Space”.

It was born from the desire to create a coffee that makes you feel as if the world around you is Hawaii when you close your eyes.
This Hawaiian gift coffee is ideal as a gift for a loved one or as a reward for yourself.

In addition to the original aroma, high-grade coffee beans, and quality-controlled roasting techniques, the coffee incorporates a variety of tricks to create a unique Hawaiian atmosphere.

Hawaii is a paradise loved by people from all over the world.

The aloha spirit and healing breeze in its unique atmosphere will always give you a comfortable and peaceful feeling.

When you feel a little tired after working hard, why not take a cue from Hawaii, where time flows slowly and leisurely, and enjoy a cup of coffee?

Even though Hawaiian time seems to be loose with time, the essence of the Hawaiian way of life is based on the value of “living in one’s own time”.

We hope you will take a moment to feel Hawaii in the midst of the many challenges of everyday life.

Waikiki Coffee’s Three Commitments

No matter how good the ingredients are, good coffee is not complete without “roasting technology that maximizes the natural flavor of the beans.

At Waikiki Coffee, we have partnered with a roasting company that has been researching and improving this field for over 75 years, enabling us to produce coffee with both high quality and cost performance.

The manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 certified, which is a quality management system standard, and has an international standard management system that is rarely seen in Hawaii.

Roasting coffee also requires technical skills to cope with various environmental changes, such as the condition of the green beans, the blend, the temperature and humidity of the day, and so on.

In addition to the world-class roasting equipment made by PROBAT of Germany and four types of filling and packaging machines, one of the factors for producing the highest quality coffee is the careful and deliberate roasting process by skilled roasters who adjust the heat and time according to the environment.