Corporate Information

Company NameFun Sense, Inc.
Service NameWaikiki Coffee
Our BusinessesMail order and information services via the Internet
Product planning, design, manufacturing, advertising, sales and import/export business
Forwarding, purchasing and import/export support services
Tour mediation and attendant services
Sale and purchase of antiques in accordance with the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act
Buying, selling, brokering, mediating, leasing and managing real estate and corporations
All businesses incidental and related to the above
Address1296 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone number808-979-6999

Brand Vision

When it comes to sightseeing in Hawaii, Waikiki is the place to be, and when it comes to Hawaii’s famous products, coffee is the place to be.
Our goal is to combine the best of such sightseeing and specialty products to provide products that will always make you feel the “thrill” and “excitement” of a trip to Hawaii.
Many people think that Hawaiian coffee = Kona coffee, but in fact, Hawaii’s coffee culture began on the island of Oahu.
Waikiki Coffee also wants to go back to its roots and be a brand that offers something extra for customers, such as using seasonal coffee beans for each season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and offering limited-edition products that can only be purchased in Hawaii.

Representative Greeting

Ryuji Sugimoto

Thank you for your interest in Waikiki Coffee.
Many people think that I am a great coffee drinker since I have even started my own coffee brand, but in fact, I am not much of a coffee drinker.
When I decided to move to Hawaii, I started a product sales business to obtain a visa, and coffee was the most popular product among customers at that time.
As a result of selling various brands of coffee for more than 10 years since then, I have learned so much about Hawaiian coffee that there is nothing I don’t know.
After learning about the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, my desire to create the best coffee in Hawaii grew stronger, and I decided to launch the Waikiki Coffee brand.
We are also involved in tourism and trading businesses in Hawaii, so we would be happy to support our customers in various ways.

Other Services

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We are an optional tour company specializing in Oahu. We have the only system in Hawaii that allows all guests to visit only the places they want to visit. The concept of our hospitality tours is to “play with your friends in Hawaii.


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This tour service is accompanied by overseas travel professionals who have traveled all over the world. In addition to regular air travel, we also offer train and cruise ship travel. Please leave it to us even in areas not often traveled by Japanese.

Logi Full

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